Our next business networking event in Peterborough

Thursday 30th January

Orton Hall Hotel & Spa, 12 noon - 2.00pm- Peterborough, PE2 7DN


Time - Registration 11.00am for a prompt 11.15am start

Presenter - Adrian Hallas from Wellhead IFA

Topic - How To Make A Million On The Stock Market


Trading shares beats working for a living and how hard can it be?  All you need is some seed capital, a laptop and a trading account.  This seminar explores real opportunities to make money from stock market investments (and we might also look at some guaranteed ways to lose money).


  • Stock market basics
  • How do I become a trader?
  • Choosing investments
  • When should I sell my business and live off my trading gains?

About The Presenter:

Adrian is a former electronic engineer, IT consultant and helicopter pilot who doesn't believe in following the crowd.  He started Wellhead IFA with the aim of turning the financial advice industry on it's head to act in the best interest of the client.


Members - £43.20 - Book Here

Non Members - £43.20 - Book Here

Adrian Hallas

Adrian Hallas

Wellhead Ifa Ltd V2


Come and join us at


Thursday 30th January

Orton Hall Hotel & Spa, 12 noon - 2.00pm

What members and guests say

"I?ve just been to my third meeting of the Business Network in Peterborough, and am struck yet again by how motivating and effective these meetings really are. The structure of the formal networking elements of the group are well thought through and provide more scope to start to build a deeper understanding of a group of 7 other businesses at every meeting ? something that takes a lot longer where you are subject to 30 or 40 people each pitching at you for 60 seconds. I have already made some great business contacts and have several opportunities to quote. So yes, I can recommend membership. "

Eppie Anderson
The Marketing Team

"You run a tight, professional show - there is no other network organisation like it!"

Ian Rothwell
R W Learning Ltd